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Why Is It Important For Wellness Solutions To Integrate With Primary Care

Posted by Siobhan Bulfin on Jun 11, 2019 1:27:00 PM

Melon has spent seven years integrating with primary care. During that time we’ve gathered significant and valuable insight into wellness solutions and care coordination. Clinicians have shared their values and aspirations with us. And they’ve let us in on their greatest frustrations as they care for their patients.


These stories, insights, and confessions have confirmed that it’s vital for wellness solutions to integrate with primary care. Here’s why.

What we’ve learned

When it comes to chronic conditions, there’s a wide spectrum of disease severity—what is commonly known as the pyramid of risk. There are about 5% of patients with complex conditions who need extra medical care. But the vast majority of patients (around 70%) are able to self-manage their chronic conditions.

However, many clinical practices simply don’t have the time, tools, or resources to help patients struggling to manage their chronic illness. This creates frustration for both clinicians and their patients.

Medicine needs a way to extend beyond clinics and into patients’ daily lives without overburdening clinicians. An innovative way to do this is to engage patients with digital health programs that cater to their illnesses and comorbidities.

What matters to primary care clinicians

Physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants all have one thing in common—time constraints. As such, it’s paramount that integrated health solutions are conscious and respectful of clinicians’ time.

Clinicians need a way to visualize patient progress and monitor symptoms with minimal time commitment. Integrative solutions that negatively impact workflow simply won’t be effective over the long-term.

For instance, physicians have told us that emails and alerts with patient progress don’t help them stay informed. They’ll more likely ignore the messages or, worse yet, overburden their mental capacity, increasing stress and anxiety and decreasing productivity.

Our physician considers a solution valuable when a patient can update him, in three seconds just by showing him his phone. Anything over three seconds, however, wasn’t of interest to the clinician.

These candid conversations have led us to create a solution to patient engagement that  integrates with primary care and minimizes impact on clinician’s time. With our strategy, we can give clinicians a comprehensive overview of patient progress in 30 seconds or less.

Why this matters for the future of healthcare

In the US, we are facing an unprecedented shortage of physicians and nurses. The patient population, on the other hand, is aging. This is creating a healthcare crisis where clinicians simply cannot keep up with patient needs.

This is why healthcare needs scalable solutions that enable patients to make behavior changes and control their chronic conditions. After years of input from clinicians and healthcare organizations, we believe there is an answer to this problem.  

By leveraging non-clinicians and activating patient engagement, healthcare can step into patients’ daily lives to support them. Melon takes this a step further by integrating health coaches, volunteers, and peer communities into a digital platform. This platform integrates with clinician workflow.

Each day clinicians serve patients and communities despite the rising needs. But if someone doesn’t provide scalable wellness solutions for them, both clinicians and patients will suffer.

That’s why Melon exists—to integrate wellness solutions with clinician workflow and alter the impending trajectory of healthcare. We are ready to support you, your practice, and your patients.

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